What’s the difference between open and closed meetings?

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DayTimeOpen/Closed Fellowship Meeting
Sun10:30AMCAANew Way of Living
5:30PCNAOn Our Way to Freedom
5:30PCOAOvereaters Anon Gp
Mon 8:30ACAAWake Up Call
12:00PMOAAMid Day Open
8:00PCAAMen’s Group
Tue8:30ACAAWake Up Call
12:00POAAMid Day Open
Wed8:30ACAASteps 1-2-3 for Beginners
12:00OAAMid Day Open
5:30PCAA12 & 12 Step Workers
Thur 8:30ACAAWake Up Call
12:00POAAMid Day Open
5:30PC/WAAOur Gift Women’s Group
8:00PCAARed Ball Meeting
Fri8:30ACAAWake Up Call
12:00OAAMid Day Open
8:00PCNAThere Is Hope
8:00POAAFriday Night Speaker
12:00ACAAFri Midnight Mtg
Sat8:30ACAl-AnonColors of Paradise
8:30AOAA/WomensIt’s In The Book
10:30ACAAFirst Things First

We offer an open Narcotics Anonymous Open Speaker meeting and closed Alcoholics Anonymous discussion group every Saturday except for the last in leiu of the monthly anniversary party.