What’s the difference between open and closed meetings?

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DayTimeOpen/Closed Fellowship Meeting
Sun10:30AMCAANew Way of Living
5:30PCNAOn Our Way to Freedom
5:30PCOAOvereaters Anon Gp
Mon 8:30ACAAWake Up Call
10:30CAANew Way of Living
8:00PCAAMen’s Group
8:00POAASoul Shine (Living In Today Study)
Tue8:30ACAAWake Up Call
10:30CAANew Way of Living
Wed8:30ACAASteps 1-2-3 for Beginners
10:30CAANew Way of Living
5:30PCAA12 & 12 Step Workers
Thur 8:30ACAAWake Up Call
10:30CAAWomen’s Our Gift
8:00PCAARed Ball Style
8:00PCAABack to Basics
Fri8:30ACAAWake Up Call
10:30CAANew Way of Living
8:00PCNAThere Is Hope
8:00POAAFriday Night Speaker
12:00ACAAFri Midnight Mtg
Sat8:30ACAl-AnonColors of Paradise
10:30CAANew Way of Living
8:00PONAThe No Matter What Club
8:00PCAAPhoenix Group